Last week we posted the article saying “Gmail is being redesigned” with some great new features, however, we didn’t have many details about the revamped version of Gmail earlier, as the upgrade started unveiling we have now some more details about the new revamped version of Gmail.

Google has started sending out emails to the G Suite administrators about the new update coming to the Gmail and redesigned features, However, Google itself didn’t reveal much but six major changes we know about are here:

New interface

The new look, feel and interface is one of the major parts of Google’s Gmail Update, Gmail’s visual presentation will be used to bring in Google’s material design philosophy. There are some images posted on social media which indicates design changes you can have a look. Gmail’s fonts are also changing from Arial to Product Sans for the interface elements and Roboto for the text within the email messages. The new fonts will help users to read emails on mobiles which would be much easier than it was before. Quartz has explained the fonts deeply if you wish to see more details in fonts.




Sidebar for Google Apps

Google wants you to use its apps regularly and with ease sitting on your sidebar where you can directly access them. The apps will be integrated into the Gmail’s sidebar with apps like Google Calendar, Keep for note-taking, to-do-list app Tasks in your sidebar. It very useful for those who maintain and update schedules, meetings, sharing and sending alerts to other employees.

Smart Reply

Smart Reply is another key feature in new Gmail, Smart Reply will suggest three different responses based on the email content you received. You may choose one out of three and click send, you can also tweak it as desired or even ignore all three responses and add your own custom reply. Google uses machine learning to tune up Smart Reply suggestions according to your writing style, pretty awesome, isn’t it? The more you use the Smart Reply the better suggestions you will get.

Snooze Emails

Snooze email is another interesting feature coming to Gmail, as you know about snoozing alarm clock on your mobile phone, this feature will let your email disappear from your inbox and appears back just on time that you have selected. For instance, you received and read an important email while you are about to leave the office, you also wanted that email to come exactly in the middle of the day so the people you want to communicate after that email are already in the office. So you marked it as snoozed and appear back exactly when you wanted. Snooze can also work for you at different locations. For instance, the email you should receive at home, at the office or somewhere else where it is useful.

Confidential email

Another great feature is confidential emails, the feature will let users draft emails that are confidential and tweak settings according to the requirements. You can create a confidential email which will not allow the recipient to copy, forward, print or downloading email, you can also set the time for the email after that time period the email will be disappeared from both senders sent box and recipients inbox. For extra security layer, you can also add two-factor-authentication in the email.

Layout Choices

The new revamped Gmail will let users choose from three layouts from the Gmail screen. The default layout will highlight your email attachments while the comfortable view will not highlight. Users that wish to use the Gmail functions as soon as possible will be asked to join the early adopter’s program which is not opened yet.

Things to consider

Google warns that some Google Chrome Extensions may not work with the new version, so be careful if you are too dependent on any of the Chrome extensions. Stay tuned until the new Gmail starts rolling out.


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