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Global Sikh Communities Ask for Nobel Peace Award for PM Khan

Global Sikh Communities

The global Sikh communities are asking for a Nobel Peace Award for PM Khan.

The efforts of PM Khan towards the restoration of peace in the sub-continent are being appreciated globally and his most recent venture of opening the Kartarpur Corridor has won the hearts of millions of people.

The Sikh community across the world is asking for the world to recognize the commitment of PM Khan towards peace and stability in the region despite the worsening of the bilateral relations between Pakistan and India.

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A number of firms, which includes the Sikhs for Justice, have taken the decision of writing a letter to the committee responsible for the finalization of the Nobel Laureates, asking the body to acknowledge the efforts of PM Khan to facilitate the Sikh community in mid of the strained ties with India over the issue of Kashmir.

Previously, PM Khan inaugurated the Kartarpur Corridor on the 9th of November before the 550th birthday of the Baba Guru Nanak. The site has got great significance for the Sikh community as it is their second holiest site in the world.

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