Global Drone Camera Market 2017-2021 – Demand for Low Cost DIY Drones & Surveillance Applications Increasing

A camera placed on a drone to capture snaps, videos on any event or occasion is called a drone camera. In 2016 the drone camera market revealed market value of $5.44 billion. The highest share at that time was of commercial end-users. Today the usage of drone cameras is rapidly increasing amongst commercial, homeland security, personal and military users. The demand for drone cameras is increasing as they are needed for capturing pictures and recording videos from all angles, they are used as effective surveillance tools.

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As per the  research manager at the Freedonia Group Ken Long, “The consumer market will remain a key driver of overall sales growth for drones, fueled by technological advances that are making drones easier to fly, and by the reduced cost and improved capabilities of key subsystems, which are helping to make drones more affordable to the average consumer.”

The overall revenue generated in the drone camera market is highly attributed to people buying drones equipped with a camera to pursue their hobby and profession of photography. Also, the reduction in the cost of drones and increase in the demand of drones helped in the growth of drone industry.

In the upcoming years between 2017 to 2021, North America might dominate the drone market along with the Asia Pacific, and European nations. Currently, the USA is the leading market in the sale and revenue of drone camera market. It is expected that the USA will continue to dominate in this market in the said period. The highest growth will be seen in the Asian Pacific region with China leading their way in this industry.

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