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Glass Bangles or Chooriyan—A Traditional Ornament of Pakistan

Ramazan brings joy and happiness for all. Everyone just flows in the spirit of Islam. Everywhere the spirit of the Holy month is felt, and everybody is seen striving to make the most of this month. At the end of this blessed month, Eid is celebrated across the Muslim countries. Eid is a celebration that the Muslims have for fasting for the entire month of Ramazan.

Eid-ul-Fitr is a Muslim festive celebrated in the Islamic month of Shawal. Muslims everywhere do preparations for it from new dresses to new shoes and jewellery and scrumptious meals everything is taken care of. Among all the preparations for the big day women cannot miss out the most pretty and delicate item of all—the glass bangles commonly referred to as the” Chooriyan” especially if one is a resident of Sub-continent.

The bangles are rigid kind of bracelets, generally made from wood, plastic, metal or glass. They are the traditional accessory worn mostly by the women of South Asia in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

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Since ages bangles are a basic part of women fashion. The bangles made from gold, copper, silver, shell, agate, bronze, chalcedony, etc have also been restored from multiple archaeological sites. A statuette of a dancing girl had been excavated from Mohenjo-Daro (2600 BC), the model was wearing bangles on her left arm. It indicates that women love decorating their arms and wrists with ornaments since a long time.

Bangles are available in a variety of colours, materials and sizes across Pakistan. They are worn by females of all ages on special occasions like Eid, weddings and other festivals. They could be easily bought from shops or stalls. The business of glass bangles experiences an upsurge during the Eid season.

There are two kinds of bangles—a solid type and a one having an option to open or close. One factor that adds more to the price of bangles is the artwork done on them and the material of which they are made. The rareness of colour and its uniqueness also adds to the price of the bangles.

There is also this sentimental value attached to the bangles. It is a significant part of South Asian culture and tradition. They are also given as a gift item to friends and family.

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