Giga Berlin approval is still pending but Tesla is already allowed to build cars


The first Tesla parts will soon be assembled in Grünheide, even before the final approval process has been completed. Thanks to a special permit, the company is allowed to test the system again and manufacture thousands of Model Y bodies.

Giga Berlin starts testing the system in detail

Grünheide is of particular interest to observers because it shows how a sluggish administrative apparatus tries to keep up with the constant jostling of a US company – which in turn takes its own time in submitting the necessary documents has. Since the operating license has not yet been granted, Tesla has now made another application.

Even before the final blessing from the authorities and courts, this ensured that the system for producing the car bodies could be extensively tested. Infographic: Tesla’s Gigafactory near Berlin How from the admission is still pending, but with which Tesla obtained permission to “continue the system test”, Tesla now wants to put its systems with significantly higher capacity to the test after a very small test run last year. In the press shop, the company is aiming to manufacture a total of 26,000 body parts in order to test a total of 13 different systems and fine-tune them for operation.

Four weeks system test

These then in turn serve as the basis for a “test of the entire line” in which around 500 car bodies are to be fully assembled per week. The paint shop will also be included in the preliminary operational test and should be allowed to run for up to 8 hours a day. Since Tesla is talking about the total of 2000 bodies that are required for the test run, it will probably take around 4 weeks.

With the first detailed operational test and submission of all necessary documents, the start of production in Giga Berlin seems to be getting closer and closer. Now it will be interesting to see when the first Model Y will officially roll off the assembly line.