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Ghandhara Nissan will Invest 4.5 billion in Pakistan with Datsun Production

The government has granted Ghandhara Nissan with ‘Brownfield Investment Status’, thus the company will start its investment and vehicle production in Pakistan. Ministry of Industries and Production has granted permission to Ghandhara Nissan for resuming car production in Pakistan

Ghandhara will invest 4.5 billion in Pakistan in the first four years. Through this investment Ghandhara Nissan will start local production of Datsun models. Ghandhara Nissan local production will create 1800 plus jobs in Pakistan.

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Peyman Kargar, Nissan senior vice president said, “This entrance to the Pakistan automotive market represents a significant step in the ongoing development of local manufacturing infrastructure and economic activity. We are confident that, with the close collaboration and support of the Pakistani government, this will deliver sustainable benefits for the national economy, customers, partners and Nissan.”

Adding, “Together with Ghandhara, we’ll be working actively with suppliers to localize and exchange technology and skills, which will provide a lasting benefit to the emerging local component industry.”

Ghandhara and Nissan will collaborate and jointly work to build their facilities in Karachi’s Port Qasim and develop an amazing manufacturing plant.

CEO of Ghandhara Ahmed Kuli Khan Khattak said, “This agreement will introduce world-class facilities and the best of Japanese engineering technologies. By localizing the manufacture of parts and components and boosting development in the auto supplier industry, it will provide Pakistan with technical assistance and promote partnerships with Japan. Customers in Pakistan will benefit from more choice and enjoy engaging driving experiences with vehicles and modern features that are ideally suited to the country.”

Ghandhara Nissan will purchase the auto parts from Nissan Motor Co Nissan is Japan. Also, any kind of technical support and assistance will be taken from them. Currently, Nissan manufactures vehicles in 20 nations around the world.