In 2017 it was revealed that a technical assistance agreement has been made between Ghandhara Industries Limited (GIL) and Isuzu Motors Limited (Thailand). The goal of this agreement was to launch an Isuzu D-Max pickup truck in Pakistan.

It was also disclosed that by mid-2018 the truck will be available for purchase in Gandhara’s showrooms. After quite a delay, Ghandhara has quietly launched the Isuzu D-Max pickup truck in Pakistan.

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It was found out that the truck would be available for local purchase through beginning from mid-2018. After many delays, it seems like Ghandhara has officially launched the vehicle in Pakistan.

Two variants of the truck will be available for purchase. The prices of the trucks and the booking fee are mentioned below.

The base version of D-Max pickup is called the Hi-Spark. It is equipped with a 2.5-liter intercooler turbo engine and has a single cabin 4×2 pickup. There are two trims options available with Hi-Spark deckless version price PKR 24.25 lac and with deck price of PKR 26.25 lac.

The other second version of Isuzu D-Max is Hi-Lander. It is equipped with a 2.5-litre intercooler turbo engine. The truck is available for customers in both single cabin and double cabin options. The price of the Hi-Lander 4×4 single cabin is PKR 37.25 lac while the price of a double cabin is PKR 39.75 lac.

Then comes the V-Cross version that has a double cabin 4×4 powered by a 3.0-liter intercooler turbo engine. The price of its manual version is  PKR 44.5 lac while the price of the automatic version is PKR 46.75 lac.


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