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Germany to Relax Immigration Rules

immigration rules

Germany would be relaxing the immigration rules in order to attract foreign job seekers, which includes the irregular migrants, as informed by the ministers on Tuesday.

Germany is currently deficient of workers. The step to relax the immigration rules is an attempt to cope with the workers deficiency.

The migrants who are without the residency permits and are waiting for decisions regarding their asylum applications or their deportation might get to hold if they are beneficially employed and could prove that they have entered into the core of German society.

Applicant from outside the European Union countries which includes cooks or IT technicians, or metallurgy workers could also come to Germany for a span of six months for trying and finding employment, provided that they know how to speak the German language.

The Interior Minister—Horst Seehofer told in a press conference that they would be needing workers even from the countries of the third world. He said that the plan is yet to become a law and passed unanimously by the parliament.

Immigration has become the hot issue of present times because of the high influx of majorly Muslim immigrants, escaping from war in Iraq or Syria.

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The government ministers emphasized that the new immigration rules are not drafted to permit failed asylum applicants to win residency in Germany by switching to some job and becoming an employed migrant.

In fact, the new rules are targeted at giving a practical solution to the migrants who have been in Germany for a prolonged period as they cannot be deported owing to the risk of torture in their own homeland.

The ministers informed that a list of criteria would be drafted for all such cases.

Hubertus Heil—the Employment Minister said that it is a practical solution that reflects reality and would avoid such cases where Germany might send the wrong people back.

The firms in Europe’s biggest economy have been complaining about a continuing shortage in workers which is ultimately threatening growth.

As per the reports of Handelsblatt—a business weekly on Tuesday, citing data from the Cologne-based German Economic Institute that in the fields of computing, technology, computer sciences and mathematics, a record number of 338,200 jobs went unoccupied in September.

Peter Altmaier—the Economy Minister said that the new rules would be of help to the Germany’s small to medium sized firms which have suffered in the past as they are in competition with the big firms that have taken all the well-trained individuals.

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