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Germany To Ban Fireworks At Various Locations On New Year’s Eve

This year the German authorities have banned fireworks on Hamburg’s Jungfernstieg, a promenade stretches through the center of the city.  According to Senator of the Interior Andy Grote, due to increased risks of injuries in metropolitan areas where people are flocking into the festivals, it becomes hard to manage both the population and proper use of fireworks.

The situation on Silvester is hard to manage if any emergency happens due to the aggression of the crowd and people who are heavily drunk. Therefore, we have decided to ban fireworks around Binnenalster—the Inner Alster Lake, he added.

Grote also hinted that there would be more law enforcement personnel on the roads in order to implement the ban, however, he hasn’t mentioned the exact number of the additional force. The country has imposed similar bans on cities like Cologne and Hanover including the partial ban in Berlin this year.

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However, despite the ban, German authorities allow the private use of fireworks only for 48 hours starting for New Year’s eve but in Berlin only from 6 pm on New Year’s Eve to 7 am on New Year’s Day you can do some cracking job. Localde reported press conference on Thursday which had a discussion about the incidents that happened last year, there were several injuries reported last year including the attacks on police officers due to crowded places and of course alcohol played a vital role in all this.

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