Germany Includes Pakistan In Corona Risk Countries List

Bernhard Schlagheck

The death toll from the coronavirus has risen to 20.35 million worldwide, while the number of people infected with the deadly virus in various countries has exceeded 95.3 million. Germany has included Pakistan in the Corona Risk Countries in the new travel guidelines, German Ambassador to Pakistan Bernhard Schillagg said in a tweet that passengers exempt from travel restrictions will have to take the Corona Negative Test 48 hours before arrival in Germany.

According to the recent reports, Pakistan’s Coronavirus cases saw an influx in mid-October since December 6, however, after December 6 the coronavirus cases including deaths in Pakistan are going down significantly.

Pakistan government has also recently approved Sinophram COVID-19 vaccine from China for emergency use. The vaccination process will further control the spread of Coronavirus in the country. First Pakistani has already taken SinoPharm Vaccine in China it was reported last week.

The SinoPharm vaccine is proved to be an effective COVID-19 vaccine which the government has chosen carefully for Pakistani people, the government earlier said that it is interested in purchasing 1.2 million vaccines from China.

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