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German Right Wingers Launched Campaign To Leave EU Following Brexit

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German right Wingers AfD Party is mulling how they could leave the EU following Brexit, it could be a next Dexit amid a vote by the members at the party conference for a call to abolish European parliament.

The German Far-right party AfD voted on Sunday to start a campaign for Berlin Exit from the European Union in the upcoming European Parliament elections if its demands for reforms within the bloc are not met.

Elections for the European Parliament are scheduled to take place in May but the right wingers are arguing that Brussels has taken control of too much power and the EU is far stretching its origin of economic cooperation.

Like, other nationalist movements in the continent including the UK, the German AfD party is now also focused on transferring the powers that has been assigned to EU back to Berlin.

However, AfD Party leader Alexander Gauland made it clear that they do not wish to abolish EU completely but they want it to stay in its limits. He also said they have other partners following their path including Austria’s FPOe and Italy’s Lega.

A major candidate from AfD’s Bavarian State Association Bernhard Zimniok said the party should state a clear deadline for Gexit in 2024 if the things would remain the same in Brussels. The German nationalist party AfD was founded in 2013; it got 7.1 percent of the national vote at the European Elections in 2014 and currently holding seven seats in Brussels. They started as Eurosceptic party initially but later they turned their focus on opposing Islam and Immigration and gained representation in the national parliament.