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German Finance Minister Commits Suicide Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Finance Minister of a German state Hesse, commits suicide in the wake of the coronavirus crises. His dead body was found on train tracks near Wiesbaden.

According to the German authorities, Thomas Schaefer took his own life by getting disappointed with the crisis the country was facing due to the coronavirus spread.

He had concerns about managing to fulfill expectations of the population especially in terms of financial aid, said Bouffier Hesse State Chief Volker. He further added that they are shocked to hear about his death. According to him, the minister lost every hope. He thought there is no way to get rid of this pandemic and yet he became disappointed and killed himself.

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Relief packages have been introduced by Germany’s Federal Government for the people affected by the lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus.

Schaefer aged 54 regularly visited several programs in which he gave out details for the aid packages, says state media.

According to the police and authorities, they have investigated the incident and had a chat with the eye-witness which concluded that the Finance Minister committed suicide.

Shaefer belonged to CDU (Christian Democratic Union) party and has been active for the past 2 decades. He was the finance minister for 10 years nearly.

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