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German Automaker Porsche to abandon diesel engine cars


German Sports cars makers Porsche has said on Sunday that it would be the first German automaker to abandon diesel engines in cars, the decision comes after the parent company Volkswagen’s cheating scandal on carbon emissions which resulted in urban driving bans.

The company’s CEO Oliver Blume said while talking to media, “There won’t be any Porsche diesel engine cars in future; rather the company will focus on its core strength, powerful petrol, hybrid cars and from 2019 all-electric cars.”

According to the CEO the step was taken after the three-year-old diesel-gate scandal, Volkswagen the parent company in 2015 admitted in 2015 to US regulators that the company has deliberately installed devices in 11 million cars to deceit emission tests. The company has paid more than 27 billion euros in fines after that.

Another development has seen in Germany which forced automakers to take considerable measures and strategy change, several cities in Germany has banned diesel engines to curb pollution problem, the German automaker Porsche has also stopped taking orders for diesel models.

Oliver said, Porsche, has never developed and produced diesel engines rather it only used it, still the company has suffered. The CEO has also promised to keep servicing the diesel models that are already on the road.

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Oliver admitted that German regulators had found irregularities in 8-cylinder Cayenne EU5, affecting more than 13,500 units. Merkel, Minister for Transport Andreas Scheuer and German automaker heads are going to meet in Berlin later Sunday in order to discuss the steps forward to avoid more city driving bans.

The government of Germany is focused on seeing more than 1 million electric and hybrid cars on the roads by 2022, currently, Germany has some 100,000 cars on the roads at the start of this year.