German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler announces Retirement and Pakistanis are heartbroken

Martin Kobler the German Ambassador to Pakistan has made an announcement that he is retiring quite soon. Kobler was German Ambassador to Pakistan since 2017. He was generally liked in Pakistan due to his engagement with Pakistan locals, his love for Pakistani food and culture and his overall welcoming personality. He used to share his activates on social media and was utmost respected and loved among masses.

Kobler tweeted, “Feel already sad going on retirement soon. What do you guys think? Shouldn’t I prepare a backup plan after retirement and help with halwa production?”

So his retirement news also came in an interesting way as he said that he should think of Halwa production as a backup plan.

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On social media Pakistanis already consider Kobler as the best ambassador to Pakistan. From promoting Pakistan Post to sharing Biryani pictures, to applying truck art on his foxy and bicycles, the man is all heart and so Pakistanis are heartbroken that he will retire soon.

Here is what Twitteratis are saying

“You don’t need to go anywhere you are a Pakistani now”

” No sir please come back start business in Pakistan good time is coming soon inshAllah “

” Dear Mr kobler I really hope and wish that u will be frequent visitor to Pakistan after your retirement “

“Will nevr forget Martin Kobler even after he leaves Pakistan. Always cheerful, optimistic and gracious in showing what kind of a nation we are. A people person. Down to earth and inclusive. Thank you sir, stay blessed.”

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