German Ambassador Martin Kobler riding Truck Art bicycle in Rawalpindi streets

The most friendly, lively and thriller ambassadors of all times, German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler rides his Made in Pakistan finished with famous truck art bicycle in the streets of Rawalpindi.

Martin Kobler has recently tweeted about his new bicycle which is furnished with most famous Pakistan Truck Art, he feels great while riding his bicycle.

Pakistan Truck Art Now in the US

Pakistan’s truck art is not famous in the country but also in other western countries, artists and collectors love this art, Last year in June, London buses were decorated with Pakistan Truck Art on Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day.

Here is what Martin Kobler said in his tweet, “Here it is!! My pakistani bicycle is ready with amazing truck art. Haha, love it now more . Rode it in the streets of Pindi. feels great! Horn also works, in case you are wondering Let me know what do you think of colors?”

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