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Generation’s Marketing Campaign Features a Plus Size Model

With no offense to skinny models, most of the general public cannot relate to you. There are very few skinny girls in town and while our marketers target those girls in every other campaign, the chubby or healthy ones are totally ignored.

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Well, well the Generation’s new campaign features a plus-sized model.  The campaign is a start. A start to recognize all segments of society. A start to accept your healthy figure with grace. A start to value all people, regardless of their figure. A start for our media, brands, and firms to stop just the promotion of slim girls.

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Geplaatst door Generation op woensdag 22 november 2017


Now people are appreciating it as well as criticizing it. The point where Generation’s should be appreciated is that at least the brand took this initiative. The aim is crystal clear, we should be comfortable in who we are instead of desiring to become somebody else. Media has promoted the concept that if you are really slim or tall or white, you are beautiful. Now the same media is changing it. There is no rule for beauty. If we are confident in our skin, we are beautiful.

There are people out there who find something negative in every possible thing. Let’s look at this comment on Generation’s campaign.

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Where few backlashed the campaign, many came to the rescue as well.

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Generation is breaking stereotypes via this marketing campaign. Instead of discouraging such steps we need to encourage them. It is important that such campaigns are done in Pakistan and other brands follow it.