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GCU gives Approval for Open Book and Internet Exams

Internet Exams

A new assessment policy has been approved in the 23rd meeting of the (GCU) Government College University. The academic council approved the new policy according to which both undergraduate and postgraduate programs will have an open book and internet exam as all the educational institutes have been shifted online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The meeting took place on Saturday where the council made alterations in the university’s admission rules, courses of different programs, and the examination procedure. The council made the teaching of the Translation of the Holy Quran mandatory for all Muslim students at BA/BSc (H), whereas as a replacement, all the non-Muslim students will be taught Ethical teachings of world religions.

Moreover, the academic council decided to allow pre-medical students to apply for a BS in the computer science program. Although there is a condition, the students have to study two deficiency courses of mathematics consisting of three credit hours after the admission. A duration of six years has been set by the academic council to complete the Hons degree.   

Students with exceptional cases will be awarded a concession of one more year.

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