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Gay Marriage in Multan, Police Raids

A gay marriage incident has surfaced in Multan. A local newspaper published a report that revealed that police raided a gay wedding ceremony that was held in Multan.

The function was going on at a cosmetics manufacturing company farmhouse in Alpa police station area in Multan. A few homosexuals were arrested from gay marriage by the police.

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A gay person, Mujahid was ready in the getup of a bride. He was arrested. The groom Amir Ali Dhiloon had gone out to receive a couple of guests, so he had time to flee when the police raided.

Mujahid claimed that it was their Walima ceremony, he had already tied the knot with Amir a day earlier. He revealed that they were given heavy bribe by the JTT officials to arrange the Walima function.

Police saw an officer named Fakhar in the wedding ceremony. He was wearing civil attire and was holding a wireless set. Thus Mujahid was speaking the truth when he said that officials were involved in the gay marriage.

Many notable figures were attendees in the wedding. The elites had come in their luxurious vehicles to attend the event which was quite shocking for the police. It makes one wonder that whether this is freedom or is it something beyond freedom that must be controlled?