Gas Supply to Remain Suspended Across Sindh CNG Stations for 3 Days

gas supply

The gas supply would remain suspended across the Sindh CNG stations on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as per the schedule issued by the Sui Southern Gas Company.

The gas supplying company released a schedule on Saturday about the suspension of gas supply to the filling stations in Sindh.

It mentioned that the gas supply would remain halted starting from 8 am on Monday morning, at 8 am on Wednesday and for 24 hours on Friday.

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Suspension of gas supply at the CNG stations causes a lot of hassle for the daily commuters. People get frustrated and generally do not approve of this practice as they have to wait in lines for getting their CNG tanks filled before the gas supply suspends.

On the other hand, as per the latest development, the Sindh government has announced to dispatch the vehicle number plates to the homes of the owners.

Regarding the meausre, it was informed to the local media that the citizens would be charged extra against the service.

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