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Gas Supply Resumes for 1 Day in Karachi causing long lines of vehicles

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Sui gas company has resumed the supply of gas for a day in Karachi, so all the CNG stations of the city have been reopened this Sunday morning.

There were long queues of cars and other vehicles noticed outside the CNG stations which opened at 7am, today morning.

A spokesperson from Sui Southern Gas company Limited said that all the CNG stations would remain open till 7pm. He further added that the gas pressure has improved to a large extent still the gas utility faced hardships in order to ensure a smooth supply of gas to the consumers and to the industries as the demand and supply gap has been widened.

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As per the new schedule the CNG stations would remain closed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the whole day.

In the meanwhile, the gas supply to the industries has been suspended for 24 hours and will resume on Monday.

On Saturday, Omar Ayub Khan Minister of Power gave his statement that the consumers are getting uninterrupted gas supply all over the country. He said that the government is prioritizing the energy needs of the domestic consumers more than the industrial sector.

The minister said that chaotic efforts were made by the government to improve the gas field infrastructure. He further mentioned that there is a need to develop a strategy to explore more ways of overcoming the gas shortage problem once and for all.

According to the minister the gas shortage problem has raised because the Sindh government has failed to provide a route for a new gas pipeline in the province.

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