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Gas Supply disrupted in many areas of Karachi


According to the gas utility, earlier today heavy garbage removing machinery hit a gas pipeline in Malir which has caused disruption in the gas supply in different areas of Karachi.

A gas pipeline of 8-inch diameter in Moinabad has been damaged as heavy machinery hit the pipeline. The spokesperson said that the gas supply has been hindered in several areas.

He further added that the gas supply will remain suspended in Malir, Model Colony, and Moinabad.

As per the spokesperson, the repair work at the gas pipeline is in progress and it will be completed till 7:00 pm.

Many areas of the port city are out of gas supply as the rainwater and sewerage water has entered the gas pipeline.

The local public has complained that there is no gas for the past two weeks in the Qaimkhani Colony Baldia Town.

Tariq bin Ziyad Colony, parts of Saudabad, Malir, Railway Society, Model Colony, and Kazimabad are also deprived of gas supply.

The supply is also suspended in Toheed Colony, Raees Amrohvi Colony, and Gulshan-e-Zia Orangi.

The residents are facing difficulty in cooking and are using alternatives for cooking like wood.

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