Gas Prices to Surge by 190percent in July – RS News

Gas Prices to Surge by 190percent in July

gas prices

The gas prices are likely to increase by 190percent in the month of July as per sources.

The sources revealed that the petroleum division has prepared a summary under which the gas prices would be increased next month.

According to sources, the monthly usage of 50 cubic meters of gas would be charged at Rs.63 per unit, as per the suggestions.

The use of 100 cubic metres of gas could cost Rs.242 per unit on a monthly basis, with a surge of 190.55percent.

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As per sources, the summary for approval would be sent to the Economic Coordination Committee session.

The offices of the Federal Board of Revenue would remain open past closing hours on the 29th and 30th of June.

These directions had been given by FBR to facilitate the individuals who want to file for tax and to announce their assets.

Media reports say that the revenue board has given orders to its offices asking them to stay open even past their closing time for 2 days that is on June 29 and 30.

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