Games on the PS5 are now being tested for cloud streaming

In a recent announcement, Sony declared that it is testing the option of cloud streaming for PS5 games. Well, this is a piece of great news since it is a much-anticipated feature. As per the information, the cloud streaming option will be rolled out for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. Yes, it will require users to pay and access the cloud streaming feature for PS5 games. Users can opt from the three Premium subscription plans i.e., $18 per month, $50 for three months, and $120 per year.

Well, the service is great even without the cloud streaming option. Users have access to game trials and several other titles without the requirement of paying and purchasing them. Sony may persuade more customers to upgrade their plan by offering cloud-playable PS5 games. The majority of information regarding the new feature is being withheld by Sony. It’s unclear which games you’ll be allowed to stream. Other than the fact that testing is in progress, the corporation isn’t really revealing anything.

The option of Cloud streaming PS5 games is in the initial stages

Well, the feature is currently in its early stages. It means that it will be too early now to upgrade your subscription plan. The company has not shared any information regarding the availability of the new feature to PlayStation Plus Premium. So, there is a possibility that it might debut this year or perhaps next year.

VP of Global Services and Global Sales and Business Operations at SIE Nick Maguire states that they are eager to share the details once the feature is ready. Users will get access to more PS5 games with this new update. They won’t be required to download certain games. They can simply log in, boot the game, and start playing.

The company has not shared any word regarding which games will be streamable in the cloud. However, the company claims that both full games as well as trials will be included as part of the new feature. According to Maguire, “We’re testing cloud streaming for supported PS5 games, which includes supported digital PS5 titles that players own as well as PS5 games from the PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue and Game Trials.” Well, it looks like users will be offered a large catalog of PS5 games with the cloud streaming feature.

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