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Games of Thrones Reaches Truck Art

Truck Art

Pakistan is rich in its cultural values. The country is known for its arts and civilization. The most famous form of arts in Pakistan is Truck Art.

The most recent introduction of the Games of Thrones paintings on the trucks is the new something that has struck all and indeed is fascinating for all the crazy GOT fans.

Seeing the popularity of the HBO telecasted show there is no doubt that why would have the truck owners opted for having its prints on their vehicles.

Pakistan is rich in its ancient civilization and history. It has got unique art and culture and the country carries its traditions from the past which are admired and loved by all across the world.

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Trucks in the South Asian region are not just used for the purposes of transportation but are also beautified in various ways for making them a pleasure for the eyesight.

Both in Pakistan and Afghanistan trucks are decorated using mirrors, bright paints, chains, bells, stickers, small bells, woodwork, jangling chains, glittery sheets, battery-operated lights, animals, famous personalities, beadwork, motifs, birds, flowers and what not.

Truck art is a folk art that depicts the inspirations, dreams, and imaginations of the Pakistani nation and the painters. It also represents the bond of the truck owner with his vehicle and how much the owner values it by decorating it.

The truck is majorly decorated with paintings on many topics which are placed in patterns of squares varying in sizes from less than a square foot to more than six feet.

The decorative items are the most prominent part of the trucks and are most eye-pleasing and capturing.

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