Game of Thrones released first teaser from the final season

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans, here is a surprise for you all. As most of the world is waiting in anticipation for Games of Thrones Final Season that is set to release in 2019, HBO has teased the audience by releasing a video that shows clips of biggest TV shows including Games of Thrones. Other than Games of Thrones, the teasers show clips from Big Little Lies, True Detective, The Future, and others.

Game of Thrones released the first teaser from the final season

Here is the clip

Even though the clips shown of Game of Throne season are mostly from season seven. But there is one scene that is new. The clip shows Jon Snow and Sansa Stark reunite after Jon Snow’s battle with the White Walkers. Jon Snow and Sansa Stark hug each other giving their reunion at Castle Black vibe.

Even though people thought that the clip is from their reunion at Castle Black, the new clip is from Winterfell. Thus it means that Jon Snow and Sansa Stark will reunite in the next final season.

It was expected that the final 8th Game of Thrones season will release in April 2019 but it has been delayed. As per the sources, the season will most likely hit the screens by July 2019.

Earlier Nikolaj Coster-Waldau commonly known as Jaime Lannister said that makers of Game of Thrones Dan Weiss and David Benioff couldn’t have “done a better job” with the season 8.

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He said, “I mean, when I read [the script] – I’ve spent so many years working on this and been guessing and trying to figure out how this will end – and when I read it, some of the parts of it I’d get, and other parts of it were just completely shocking and surprising. Adding, “All the pieces fit into this massive jigsaw puzzle.”

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