Galaxy SmartTag 2 is now official with a redesign

Galaxy SmartTag+

Yesterday, the South Korean conglomerate debuted several FE devices. After just one day, the company announced the new Galaxy SmartTag 2. It was separately announced because it is not a FE product. This additional information feels almost like a “One more thing” moment for what is really a straightforward tracking device. Notably, the device will be available for sale next week.

Galaxy SmartTag 2 includes some new features

The device is priced at $29.99. the original SmartTag features a UWB-enabled SmartTag+ counterpart. The updated model features both Bluetooth and UWB in one. This generation doesn’t require a Plus version since it is better and improved as compared to the original SmartTag and SmartTag+ combined.

The SmartTag 2 is completely redesigned. It features an oblong shape in contrast to the rhombus shape of the original SmartTag. The only similarity between the old and the recent SmartTag is the inclusion of a keyring hole. However, the SmartTag 2 features a metal insert that is resistant to wear and tear. Furthermore, it has improved dust and water resistance. It comes in two color options i.e., white or black.

Some other notable features include longer battery life, a Lost Mode for pet owners, a Power Saving Mode, and a pet walking mode. The new SmartTag type works in tandem with an updated SmartThings software; the previous SmartTag was released more than two years ago. Users may now re-sync their Tags with new Galaxy phones, track SmartTags using an Augmented Reality display on their phones, and determine whether they are being monitored by unauthorized SmartTags.

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