Galaxy S24 Ultra might not contain an entirely flat display panel

The launch of the Galaxy S24 series is just a few months away. It is therefore surprising that there are currently more and more leaks and rumours regarding this item. We also allegedly saw the first hands-on photos of the Galaxy S24 Ultra last week.

Previous speculation had indicated that, similar to other smartphones in the line, the Galaxy S24 Ultra would sport a completely flat display screen. But if recently released data from South Korea is accurate, the panel might still have a small curve after all.

The display panel of the Galaxy S24 Ultra might still be slightly curved

According to a rumor that surfaced on X, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s display panel won’t be entirely flat. The bezel will have a discernible 0.3–0.4 mm curvature. That may nevertheless give you the impression that the display isn’t entirely flat in the hand, even though it’s hardly revolutionary.

Although they are supposed to be half as large as those of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the top and bottom bezels are expected to be the same size. Should it prove to be accurate, the bezels will be significantly thinner than those of any previous Samsung flagship. However, it is stated that the left and right bezels are the same size as those of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

This information cannot, of course, be quantified until real-world renders of the Galaxy S24 Ultra surface are available online. It might not be long before the first official marketing renders appear online, given how Samsung’s product launches proceed. Samsung is anticipated to make the Galaxy S24 series public on January 17, 2024, in San Jose, California, during an Unpacked event.

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