Galaxy S22 Arriving In January With 200MP Olympus Camera

Samsung Galaxy S22

The Samsung Galaxy S21 arrived earlier this year and is selling well. Soon there will be another refreshment with Fan Edition and new colors, but the Galaxy “S22” is already on the way. It should come in January with Olympus branding and a 200-megapixel camera.

As reported by the Korean business portal Pulse News, Samsung wants to present the successor to the Galaxy S21 for the first time in January 2022, according to informed sources from the group’s environment. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S22, together with its sister models, which will certainly be planned again, would appear much earlier again. Up until this year, launches of this kind were not common until February or March.

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Galaxy S series Started Earlier

The date would basically no longer be unusual, as Samsung had already presented the Galaxy S21 series in January 2021. As far as the features of the upcoming series of top smartphones are concerned, hardly any information is available. After a few days ago there was talk of not being involved in the “megapixel race” and therefore wanting to install a camera with a comparatively low resolution but large sensor pixels, the opposite can now be heard from Korea.

At least according to the report from Pulse, Samsung wants to go one step further. The main sensor of the camera unit is supposed to work with a whole 200 megapixels, at least in some variants of the Galaxy S22. Of course, the size of the sensor pixels would shrink even further, while attempts are made to achieve an overall better image quality via the high amount of image data and various software tricks.

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In order to market the Galaxy S22 series smartphones even better with a focus on the cameras, Samsung also wants to reach into its internal branding bag of tricks, according to the report. Allegedly, the Japanese camera brand Olympus, which was acquired a few years ago, will be used to promote the cameras optimized by specialists. Other manufacturers have been using such tactics for quite some time, including Nokia with Zeiss branding and Huawei with Leica branding.