Galaxy Book 4 will be official next week

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung will soon announce its new flagship Windows laptops. With the Ultra model leading the way, the Galaxy Book 4 series will launch with on-device AI capabilities never seen before. Currently, there are no details regarding the official launch date of the upcoming laptops. According to reports by Korean media, the laptops will be officially released next week on December 15, with products arriving on the market by this month’s end or early next year.

The Galaxy Book 4 series will be official soon

The new laptop series by Samsung comprises the standard Galaxy Book 4, Galaxy Book 4 360, Galaxy Book 4 Pro, Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360, and Galaxy Book 4 Ultra. As evident from the name, the ‘360’ variants will enable users to use the laptops as tablets since they can be fully rotated. The Ultra variant is the most powerful member of the series in terms of specs.

Until now, we have come across several rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming Galaxy Book 4 series. Yonhap, the Korean publication, asserts that Samsung is working on the first AI-powered laptops. The on-device AI features on the Galaxy Book 4 will be powered by Samsung Gauss. Interestingly, all the AI tasks are processed locally on the device, thus eliminating the concerns associated with data leaving the device.

According to the report, the company was previously interested in debuting the new laptop series alongside the Galaxy S24 series. However, the decision was abandoned to earn the title of “world’s first AI laptop,” since two other companies, including LG and HP, are also developing laptops with on-device AI features.

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