Future NFC enhancements could improve the Samsung Pay experience

NFC abbreviates for Near Field Communication. Samsung Pay enables users to use their smartphones as payment devices at PoS (Point of Sale) terminals. Using NFC, the Samsung Pay app transmits the details of your credit or debit card to the PoS device in this procedure. Future NFC improvements could make this useful feature even more beneficial.

In order to make a payment using Samsung Pay, users need to be in close vicinity of the PoS terminal since NFC is functional at a distance of just 5mm. Reportedly, the NFC forum has shared a new plan for the service. Well, this is not quite a difficult task. However, the NFC forum wants to make it more convenient for users.

The NFC forum shares a new roadmap for improvements to NFC

Reportedly, the NFC forum has shared a new plan for the service. As per this plan, the NFC range will be increased by 4 to 6 times as compared to the present state. It means that the service could be even operational at a distance of 30mm. Such improvements will be beneficial for Samsung Pay.  

Well, this is not the only improvement. By extending the range, it will be easier to connect the smartphone’s NFC chip with the PoS terminal’s antenna. It will result in fewer alignment errors and faster payment processing. Currently, there is no information on when this update will be introduced on new devices. However, as per plans, it should arrive before 2028.

In addition to this, the NFC Forum will also modify the charging wattage of NFC. Notably, it will be increased from 1W to 3W thus giving rise to endless possibilities. For example, users will be able to charge their smartwatches or earbuds via any NFC-enabled smartphone. It will eliminate the dependency on reverse wireless charging.