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Further Reduction in the Prices of Pulses, Ghee

further reduction in prices

The prices of pulses and ghee have further been reduced at all the utility stores across the nation.

A reduction of Rs.5 to Rs.30 has been made in the rates of dal Masoor, Dal chana and ghee.

The price of daal chana has been decreased from Rs.167 to Rs.160 per kilo, dal masoor from Rs.135 to Rs.130 per kilo and the price of two ghee brands has been reduced from Rs.200 to Rs.170 per kilogram.

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The USC spokesman said that wheat, pulses, rice, flour and sugar were available in greater quantities on subsidized rates at the utility stores across the nation.

He said that despite being subsidized, everything available at the utility stores is of good quality.

PM Khan wants to offer extensive and immediate relief to the people for which the Utility Stores Corporation is working on a layout for issuing the ration cards to the less privileged, poor and widows.

Additionally, the federal government is also introducing a Utility Rozgar Scheme for the unemployed youth. Under this scheme, 2000 franchises would be opened in the initial phase.

On the other hand, as per the latest, the emergency door of the aircraft of the Pakistan International Airlines unlocked on the Islamabad International Airport runway.

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