From December 18 Google News will discontinue magazine support

We have some bad news for Google News users who use the service specifically for magazine content. Reportedly, the company is going to end support for magazine support next month, more specifically on December 18, 2023. It means that users will be required to search for alternate ways to get access to their favorite content. The recent news was shared by a member of the Google News Team.

Users will no longer be able to access the library of magazines on the Google News apps or from December 18, 2023, onwards. Users who have purchased or subscribed to magazines in the past have the chance to save the content. Users will be given compensation in the form of a refund for the interactive content that is inaccessible to download from the purchased magazines.

Google News is ending support for magazine content

In light of this, Google News, which supports over 2300 news providers, is essential to the media landscape. Via Google News and Search, it produces over 24 billion clicks every month on publishers’ websites. The sudden discontinuation of magazine support begs the question of how consumer media consumption patterns are changing.

In particular, this action comes after Google terminated its magazine print-replica service in January 2020. Along with the elimination of all print copies of publications, customers who still owed money on their subscriptions received reimbursements. The magazine’s content has been available on Google News since 2012.

The decision is an indication of the user’s interest. The pattern of news consumption is changing with every passing day. The news sources or mediums that were widespread in the past are now declining slowly and gradually. However, users have alternative options, like magazines’ websites, to access their favorite content. Notably, a few months ago, the Google News app received the Material You treatment.

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