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From Average Individuals to Successful Heroes – Stories of Hardwork & Passion


Remember those discussion sessions between friends, “Oh, he makes so much money just by giving an order” or telling your Dad that these days it’s not about hard work, it is about who you know and how many references you have in your pocket, and your Dad would just give that understanding smile, indicating that you will know better, kid.

When we sit in the drawing-room of our cozy homes, it is easier to make comments on the lives of other people. We look at those above us, more flourishing than us, better than us and our internal complexes start to rise. In order to die them out, it becomes simpler to say that the success of successful people is on the basis of shortcuts.

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Do we wake up at five in the morning, reach our office at 6 and stay there till seven in the evening like the CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz. Have we not taken a single holiday for more than a decade like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban? Are we having a calm and peaceful sleep in our comfortable beds or are we emailing to our employees at 4:30 in the morning similar to the Apple CEO Tim Cook?

We work for seven hours in seven days and want to become GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt who spends a hundred hours a week at work, for 24 years.  We want to follow suite of Hong Kong’s Li Ka-Shing, one of the richest man in Asia, we want to become rich as well, but by overlooking his effort and continuous hardships along the way. 

From decision-makers like Howard Schultz to Presidents like Barak Obama, they didn’t reach the roof by skipping steps. They were average people, who competed with their own soul. They had a goal and purpose and then they spend day and night to achieve it. If Larkers’s hero Kobe Bryant broke his finger he didn’t stop playing he just changed his technique. Hurdles and difficulties made them go one step back and then steps forward. This made average people, successful heroes.

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