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Friday will not be a Weekly Holiday – Information Minister

Eid Holidays

The Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry announced that present government of Pakistan is not considering changing the weekly holiday from Sunday to Friday.

Different media reports circulated earlier that the Imran Khan led government is thinking to change the weekly holidays and give an off on Friday instead of Sunday.

The Information Minister has clearly stated that “all such rumors are baseless”.

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The Information Minister tweeted, “No change in weekly holiday calendar is under consideration; all such rumors regarding the change in this regard are baseless.”

When Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman visited Pakistan, earlier this week the reports started floating that the government is thinking to change the weekly holiday to Friday from Sunday with an aim ‘to further strengthen business relations with the Arab countries’.

It is pertinent to mention here that Arab countries observe Friday as a weekly off but in Pakistan Sunday and in most cases Saturdays are observed as weekly holidays.

Now this rumor emerged that in order to have same working days with its Saudi investment partner the government is thinking to observe holidays on Friday and Saturday. It will boost the business activity between the two nations.

But the government Information Minister has clearly denied this news and said that the PTI-led government is not considering changing weekly holidays.