Friday Prayers Limited In All Over Pakistan: Scholars Supported

Friday Prayers

In the wake of curbing the spread of the Coronavirus disease throughout the country, scholars have supported the government’s decision to limit Friday prayers.

At a video conference of governors and scholars chaired by the president, the clerics gave the decision to the government yesterday. President Arif Alawi urged the Ulema to ask the people to pray in their homes, which the Ulema assured the President of full cooperation.

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs said in a press conference that Friday prayers in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt have also been suspended while Al-Azhar has also decided to postpone the Friday prayers.

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Noor-ul-Haq Qadri, while apprising the government of the decision, said that preventing Coronavirus was not the responsibility of the government alone but of everyone. Friday prayers will be held nationwide with all preventive measures.

He said that five-time prayers, including Friday prayers, would be restricted. Older and younger children will pray in their homes.

Appreciating the decision, the chairman said that the people have to ensure their safety and security in mosques.

Qibla Ayaz said elders and children do not attend Friday prayers. The statement issued by the scholars is concise and if curfew is imposed, the scholars will not be allowed to break it.

Mufti Naeem says it is better to wait for the situation to settle down. In the current situation, the government will support the decision. People over the age of 50 should pray Friday prayers in-house while the prayer period should be kept to a minimum. It has also been decided that all Imam masjid would follow the government decision and should limit the Friday prayer to 2 farz only and the rest of prayer should be completed at homes. The people should spend minimum time at the gathering while following all the preventive measures

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