Eating a healthy and balanced diet is tough, especially when one is surrounded by so many scrumptious meals to choose from. But obviously, a balanced diet is most crucial for leading a healthy life.

Sadly, the definition of “balanced diet” varies from person to person, as per the reports of Food Envy. Some people prefer to eat pasta for breakfast, while others munch on burgers and stuff for lunch. Keeping this mind, one could assume that there is no hard and fast rule to lose weight.

As per the latest study, deep-fried food and food loaded with carbohydrates is the best option when one is cruising past the drive-thru.

The scientist at the Weizmann Institute of Israel under the supervision of Professor Eran Segal has made this amazing discovery. His team monitored the rise of blood sugar levels in eight hundred different people who took the same meal, the scientists then reached a mutually agreed conclusion. Physical activities, bathroom activities and sleeping habits of the participants all were considered.

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It was discovered that every human body reacted to the food in a different way. Something that triggered a sharp glucose spike in one person displayed the entirely different result in another.

The scientists reached the conclusion that a person could eat French fries with all their heart and might not feel any negative effects at all. It was observed that the sugar level of one participant increased after consuming bananas but remain unaffected upon the consumption of cookies. For another, the reverse was recorded. Some participants experienced a sugar increase after they took sushi but not when they consumed ice cream and vice versa.

Professor Segal explained that the enormous differences observed in the levels of blood sugar among various people consuming identical meals underline the fact that personalized choices of eating are more likely to assist people in staying healthy than the universal dietary advice.

People are likely to experience different reactions to food depending on their lifestyle, makeup and microbiome—a bacteria ecosystem that triggers response to food. This recommends that diets build to control blood sugar should be custom made for everyone.

According to Professor Segal, the study indicates a need to develop personal dietary recommendations that could help in the prevention and treatment of obesity and diabetes, which are among the most severe widespread issues in the history of human life.

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