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Free Wi-Fi in Public Spaces of Peshawar Soon

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The basic necessities of life are air, water, food, and shelter. In the age we live in, there is one more necessity of life, which is the internet. To access the internet we need Wi-Fi.

Now, most people do have access to Wi-Fi in their home but they don’t have internet facility at public places. They need to subscribe to a mobile package to access the internet and that too sometimes does not work when you are in an area with weak signals.

So we do have a good news for the people living in Peshawar. The KP government has decided to provide free Wi-Fi to those living in Peshawar. The project will start from the Shalimar Park and then spread to all public places in the provincial capital.

There will soon be free Wi-Fi in all public parks of Peshawar. As per the plan by the government, there will be free Wi-Fi zones in the city.

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It is important that the government take effective measures to improve the economic and social lifestyle of the people of Pakistan.

From planting trees to improve the climate to establishing affordable housing societies for the underprivileged, more proactive measures are needed.

Free-WiFi in Peshawar will allow the people to have easy access to the internet, which is yet another step the government has taken towards growth and development.