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‘Free Rides for a Year’—Another Offer by Careem

Are you a Careem freak? Do you prefer traveling with Careem above any other car-ride service? Then brace yourself for the latest update from Careem.
Careem has announced as of today that the more rides you would be availing on Careem using the Promo Code ‘FREE365’ from the fourteenth of this month till the twenty-eighth (14th Oct- 28th Oct) the brighter are your chances of acquiring the facility of ‘Free Rides’ for the entire year.

The Careemer with the highest number of rides would be eligible for the win.

Recently Careem won the best transport service online award in an award ceremony held at PAF Museum Karachi on October 7. The Pakistan Digi Awards 2017 was held to acknowledge and appreciate the digital companies of Pakistan.

Careem keeps on pleasing and surprising its customers always with something new. It knows how to remain in limelight. Sometimes it launches new features, sometimes it goes for launching strategies like ‘Rishta Aunty Service’, sometimes it offers promotions by merging with other firms (recently like Pizza Hut) and lastly discount offer schemes.

Focusing on the present offer of ‘Free Rides’ by Careem today made on its official Facebook account and on Twitter, the offer has certain terms and conditions, which are:

  • The offer is valid only for the cities Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad
  • Rides between 14th Oct to 28th Oct need to availed using Promo: FREE365; if one is willing to compete for the ‘Free Rides’
  • Winners would be chosen on the number of counts they use the promo
  • The winners would be announced on October 30th.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up!!! And be among the lucky ones.

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