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Punjab Government Offering Free Public WiFi Network in Three Big Cities

Free Public WiFi Network - PITB

Lahore: Punjab Government now offers free public WiFi network in Lahore, Multan, and Rawalpindi.

As an initial phase, Punjab Information Technology Board has installed 192 hotspots in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Multan. A further free public WiFi network is also being served for the people of Murree.

This free internet provision is, however, available for only four hours a day. And as initially, only a 2-kilometer range for the Murree Mall Road public can utilize this free WiFi service.

PITB claims that around 160,000 users can avail this free internet service. The free public WiFi network is in a testing stage and the service will be strictly monitored by the concerned body.

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Talking to the media, Director PITB Sajjad Ghani briefed about the usage policy of the free internet service. “Users will be authenticated by their ID and mobile numbers, after which they will receive a code via SMS to connect to the internet. We will avoid data hogging by making the internet subscription time barred and are still deciding the exact duration of the subscription as well as which websites will be accessible through this Wi-Fi.

We will only keep time and location logs so we are able to check them in case of any terrorist activities. But browsing history and user data will not be saved or stored” Sajjad told the media.

The service will cost around Rs. 165 million a year to the Punjab government. Although, the service is being installed and operational, but in a 2-weeks’ time will be officially inaugurated.

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Breaking down the 192 locations, the free public WiFi network is installed in 115 locations of Lahore, 47 in Multan, and 30 in Rawalpindi. In Lahore, Model Town Park, Jillani Park, Services Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, the airport, and other popular spots will be offering this free internet service to the citizens.

PTCL won the bid to provide this free internet service. A 1 MB dedicated connectivity will be provided by PTCL. The purpose of this free connectivity is to help people connect with the world as they go, for free.

Sajjad further shared that a mobile app will also be featured to help public find the nearest free internet hotspot.

Dr. Umar Siaf, Chairman PITB, applauded the free public WiFi network and willed to extend this service to other cities, with better performance.

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