Free Passport Extension for Pakistanis in UAE seeking Amnesty

Free Passport Extension

Those Pakistanis seeking amnesty in UAE will be given free outpasses. Also in specific cases, passport validity of the Pakistanis will be extended free of cost for seven months.

The 3-month visa amnesty scheme begins today 1st August as ‘Protect Yourself by Modifying Your Status’ campaign has been announced by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC). This campaign will end on October 31st.  Under the  ‘Protect Yourself via Rectifying Your Status,’ Pakistanis and other foreigners who are violating the residency law will be given a three-month grace period to either leave of UAE without facing any charges or pay required fees to acquire a legal status.

A spokesperson for the Pakistan Embassy and Consulate said that the embassy is fully supporting and helping the people seeking passport extension and free outpasses. He said, “It is going to be zero fees for outpasses and passport extension for seven months.”

The spokesperson said that the people who will visit the welfare sections will be helped by all departments including the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra)

Adding, “This will be done to manage the details of any missing documents.”

The amnesty seekers can either visit welfare sections and approach the people in UAE or call these numbers 02-449334, 02-4447800 ext 217/337 or 04-3971748, 04-3966651 and seek help.

The notice issued clearly states, “All those who do not have travel documents (passports) should contact the embassy or consulate.”

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The aim of this scheme is to provide a way out to the foreigners who have over-stayed or are facing heavy fines. The illegal expats will have a chance to convert their status into legal. On October 31st this scheme will expire.

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