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‘Free Balochistan Campaign’ on London Buses Starts

More than 100 buses in London are carrying an advertisement which says “Free Balochistan”, “Save The Baloch People” and “Stop Enforced Disappearances”.

Pakistan is not at all happy with this. This campaign was started by World Baloch Organization (WBO). The organization started a campaign, exposing atrocities done by Pakistanis in Balochistan province. Logos and captions were first displayed on taxis and now it is being done on buses.

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Pakistan government complained about this to the UK envoy in Islamabad and we assumed that it will stop now. Also, Transport for London ordered that the ad should be removed from the cabs.

Now the ads are seen again on November 13, which is celebrated as Baloch Martyrs Day. So on this day in London WBO started its campaigning on London buses, supporting Balochis and exposing their sufferings.

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  1. All these terrorists are freely living in U.K. UK must understand that there would be a price for sheltering terrorists

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