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France to Impose Green Tax on Plane Tickets

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The government of France is to impose a tax of up to $20 (18 euros) on the plane tickets for all the flights from the airports in France for funding the less-polluting transportation projects, as per a minister.

The decision would take effect from 2020, it would see a tax of 1.5 euros imposed on the economy-class tickets on the internal flights and the flights within Europe, with the highest tariff applied to the business-class travelers flying outside the bloc, said Elisabeth Borne—the Transport Minister.

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The new initiative is anticipated to bring in some 182 million euros per year which would be invested in greener transport infrastructures, most importantly in the rail sector.

The tax would only be applied on the outgoing flights and not the ones flying into the country, the transport minister added.

The same tax was introduced in Sweden in the month of April in 2018, which imposed an added charge of up to 40 euros on every ticket in a bid to lessen the effect of the air travel on the climate.

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