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France Introduces Urdu Language Classes

Urdu language classes

France has introduced Urdu language classes for the French students who have got a Pakistani origin and for the students of other nationalities, as per the reports of Radio Pakistan.

The embassy of Pakistan in France in collaboration with a French non-governmental organization—”Together for Human Development” has officially introduced an initiative in Paris on Sunday.

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The demand for Urdu language classes was long asked for by the Pakistan Community which was finally accepted by the mutual efforts of the Embassy and the NGO.

Furthermore, for promoting the national language, the Pakistani Senate in May has passed a resolution that permits the Central Superior Services—CSS aspirants for taking their exams in Urdu as well.

The resolution mentioned that Japan, China, and other nations have developed owing to the use of their national language in examinations. It further added that they could also develop by conducting the CSS exams in Urdu.

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