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After Bahrain, France is also coming to explore new investment opportunities in Pakistan

MEDEF International exploring investment opportunities in Pakistan

In a recent statement by the French embassy in Islamabad, around 20 French investors will be coming to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan.

For more than a decade, Pakistan was considered a terrorist’s land. More people fled the country to seek a better future than coming in to build.

However, with the mutual support from the government and military, Pakistan has done a great job in flushing out the terrorism. The country is now becoming a target for investors all around the globe.

After the recent visit of a Bahraini delegation in Islamabad, a French delegation is also to visit the country for new investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Around 20 French companies will be visiting Pakistan from April 4th to April 6th. The word was first rolled out from the French embassy.

This mission will be led by M. Thierry PFLIMLIN, Chairman of the France-Pakistan Business Council of MEDEF International and President of Total Global Services,

This visit is organized by MEDEF International, the French business confederation. The embassy of France is in strong support to bring the two nations closer.

Recently, the French ambassador, Martine Dorance, organized a ceremony on their French Higher Education Week and Francophonie Day. One purpose of this ceremony was to invite students to visit France for higher education.

In 2016, a Pakistani delegation led by Muhammad Ishaq Dar, the Finance Minister, attended a business meeting in Paris. The visit was also organized by MEDEF International.

It’s expected that this visit from the French investors would focus on eco-friendly energy generation plans in Pakistan. Other areas where the delegation would focus includes; IT, aviation, environment, banking and finance.

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