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FPSC To Make Its Own Testing Service for Recruiting Employees

National Testing Service (NTS) due to the controversies has come under scrutiny, owing to the that the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is thinking on making its own testing service for the hiring of grades one to fifteen employees.

The decision was taken by a special committee of the Senate on Wednesday. The committee had been formed by the ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for FPSC reforms. The committee was formulated because of the reports relating the continuous spin in the Central Superior Service (CSS).

The committee held a meeting to study the annual report of the FPSC-2015. It discussed the changes that need to be adopted in the curriculum, the making of a board, examination system and other changes for bringing the FPSC on a balance with the international-modern standards.

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The committee meeting was chaired by Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah—the chairperson. Amir Tariq Zaman—FPSC Secretary informed on asking that the suggestions of the committee are with the Ministry of Law and would soon be finalized in a couple of days.

Mr Zaman mentioned that the committee has reached up to a mutual consensus for a having a government testing service after the reports were received relating the dishonesties and irregularities in NTS.

He added once all the resources are provided to us, we would then be able to conduct the testing procedure ourselves.

The committee also discussed the prospect of expanding the board, which presently has no professionals for conducting the interview of the candidates. Numan Khattak Wazir—a Senator suggested that the board must have fifty percent professionals, twenty percent of serving and twenty percent of the retired civil servants while the remaining ten percent should be psychiatrists.

The chairperson expressed his surprise when told that the comprehensive report on civil service reforms has still not been submitted to the president.

The committee also agreed on inviting Asad Umar—Engro’s Former Chief and National Assembly Member and two other experts from the private sector to share their expertise and experiences in the areas they led and the methods that could be taught.

The committee is to meet again today to note down the suggestions for the FPSC.

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