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FPCCI Urges for Removing the Duties on Leather Industry

The Pakistan government has been urged by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) to remove the different duties applied on the raw materials used in the leather industry and to also abandon isolation need on the import of the raw hides and skins.

Ghazanfar Bilour—President FPCCI held a meeting with the delegation of a Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) on Tuesday. During the meeting, Mr. Bilour said that the extra regulatory duties on the import of different basic tanning chemicals and isolation requirement were hindering the productivity and exports of the leather sector.

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The President FPCCI said that the leather industry is the second most flourishing and revenue generating export-oriented industry and needs to be assisted by providing them subsidies in lab testing, matching the grants for establishing the waste treatment plants and reducing the duty drawback on the export of the finished leather and leather products.

The leather industry in Pakistan is a rapidly growing industrial sector of the nation in terms of its quality as well as the export growth. Over the years the industry has acquired an amazing and notable rank in the economic development of the country that presently it is ranked on the second position in the list of the export-oriented industries of Pakistan. This sector has always ranked a good position in terms of the quality of its products and goods both locally and abroad.

He also stressed on the need of accelerating the process of releasing the duty drawback, income tax, sales tax and other charges gathered so that the leather exporters could fulfill their future export agreements with a much better cash flow.

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