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Four Stages You Go Through When Shopping Online in Pakistan

In recent years, the e-Commerce industry in Pakistan has been gaining more exposure, hence growing slowly but steadily. There’s something about online shopping which makes the tech-savvy tick. Maybe it’s the convenience, or maybe it’s that feeling of excitement you get while waiting for your shopping to arrive.

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Whatever it is, you enjoy clicking away on your mouse and patiently waiting till kingdom come. And in all honesty, it really isn’t as bad as they said it would be. If you do shop online often, then you’re bound to go through these four stages from start till the end.

1) That Moment When: You Thought of Something You Absolutely Want (and Maybe Really Need Too)

No matter how much you would like to make yourself believe that online shopping is “the way of the future”, you gotta admit – it’s making you broke too. With the rapid advancement of technology, it’s too easy to immediately search for something you want and then proceeding to make the purchase just moments after.

When the thought of searching for something you want comes into mind, it’s as easy as clicking the mouse or tapping your smartphone. Some people don’t even rest until they come across what they’re searching for!

2) I Found What I Wanted But… It’s Too Expensive

So what does one do when caught in this situation? Search for other websites selling the same product, of course.  Here in Pakistan, there are plenty of online marketplaces which you can visit to make comparisons.

Large shopping stores like Daraz, Yayvo and iShopping have lots of product categories to choose from. Take your time to do your research and avoid rushing into a decision as we online shoppers tend to be impulsive shoppers.  If you don’t need the item urgently, wait for the price to drop. You’ll thank yourself once you’ve made the best purchase at the right time.

3) I’m Sure I Can Get More Discounts Somehow

This thought has definitely crossed all of our minds when shopping, whether it’s online or offline. Simple reason being, who doesn’t love discounts?! As avid online shoppers, we know that the best time to shop is during big sales seasons such as Black Friday and especially during major festive seasons like Eid. It’s during times like these when online stores will have lots of great deals to offer and it’s simply an opportunity online shoppers should not miss.

Another way to get additional discounts is by using discount codes. If you’ve never heard of these, it means you haven’t been shopping online long enough! Discount coupons are what avid shoppers always hunt for in the hopes of being able to save even though a little bit on our shopping. Shopcoupons is one such website which provides Pakistani shoppers with hundreds of promo codes and discounts to be used at online stores across the country. Now you’ll know where to find that Daraz discount code you’ve been searching for.

4) And So the Waiting Game Begins

It’s during this stage when one’s emotions begin to run wild. Sometimes you’ll feel excitement, sometimes remorse. When your parcel doesn’t arrive within the time-frame which was given, you begin panicking and have already drafted out an e-mail to the store’s customer service team. But when it does arrive earlier than expected, you’re head-over-heels in joy. Every online shopper would agree that the day you receive your parcel is one of the most exciting moments in one’s lifetime. And yes, it is all worth the wait.