Four Restaurants Sealed in Quetta for Selling Substandard Food

substandard food quetta

Balochistan Food Authority (BFA) has sealed four restaurants in Quetta for selling substandard food, around four restaurants sealed in Quetta for in this effort. The four restaurants sealed are Raaz Barbeque Tonight, Quetta Restaurant, Kababish restaurant and Lehri Saji House for selling adulterated food. These restaurants have also been penalized Rs100,000.

In the restaurant’s kitchen insects, uncovered food, substandard ghee and oil, and lack of safety tools like gloves, masks, and headwear were witnessed.

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BFA Operations Director Nida Kazmi led the inspection team who said that the authority will make sure that pure, safe and healthy food is supplied to the people.

Different eateries were raided by the team on Quetta’s Masjid Road, Abdul Satar Road, Archer Road and in Liaquat Bazaar. Hotels and restaurants were given food safety instructions and warning letters were issued.

BFA will continue its investigation and stop restaurants from selling unhygienic food to the people.

It is important that restaurant, café, hotel owners realize the importance of hygiene. Selling sub-standard food to people is no less than a crime. It can cause health issues and even lead to death through food poisoning. So, do not play with the lives of the people. Serve them with good quality hygienic food.

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