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Four PIA Passenger Aircraft Grounded

PIA aircraft grounded

Three Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) grounded in Karachi while one PIA aircraft grounded in Lahore. After being hit by birds within a week space, the aircraft grounded.

This has become one of the cause for financial loss of PIA. The aircraft that have been grounded, two of them were Boeing 777 while the other two were Airbus 320.

According to the PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar four PIA aircraft have been grounded within one week. These aircraft were hit by birds during the landing.

He said, “The flight schedule has been badly disturbed and more than a dozen flights have been delayed. One international flight was delayed for 17 hours due to the bird strikes.”

On Sunday, the first bird strike occurred as a PIA plane that was going to Karachi got hit during landing. Then the very next day another PIA plane was hit by a bird as it was travelling from Jeddah to Karachi. On Friday a PIA aircraft that landed at Allama Iqbal International Airport was hit by a bird as well.

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The departure of the PIA flight to Jeddah from Lahore got delayed by 17 hours because of it being hit by a bird.

PIA spokesperson said that if an aircraft gets hit by a bird the airline management has to write to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as the standard procedure. It is responsible for cleaning the airport to avoid the birds gathering around.

A CAA official regarding this said, “People residing or doing business close to airports should not throw garbage around airports because it attracts birds which flock around airports and which is hazardous for planes during landing and take-off.”