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Four Pakistani Celebrities Contesting in General Elections 2018

The election day is almost on us. This year Pakistan would have a set of fresh new faces to vote for. Four Pakistani celebrities are contesting in general elections 2018, who have gone unnoticed owing to all the hustle related to the election campaigns created by the main players of the election.

Are you aware that celebrity figures like Ayub Khoso and Gul-e-Rana are contesting in the elections for the provincial assembly seats? Sajid Hassan, another big name of the industry and Jawad Ahmed—the celebrity who earned recognition via singing are also contesting for the national assembly seats from Karachi.

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The list of the four main celebrities who are contesting in the elections of 2018 are:

  • Gul-e-Rana

The celebrity figure is contesting for the provincial assembly seat PS 94—Landhi Area. She was seen occupied with the Pakistan Peoples Party supporters at her election office in Zamababad area. She said that no other political party besides PPP has the potential of granting tickets to the people of the entertainment industry and that too a female.

She was awarded the party ticket a day after her visit to the area on the 30th of June. She is spending more than twelve hours a day in the area for developing vote bank.

Gul-e-Rana who is also the mother of Asim Azhar said that people are greeting her well, particularly the ladies, as they see a female candidate approaching their doors.

As per her, the areas like Landhi are the actual Pakistan and people are in no mood of missing any chance of bringing in real change.

Gul-e-Rana said that she wants to work for the betterment of the artists and culture as she is of the belief that the artists community represents the nation.

  • Jawad Ahmed

A famous singer and the founder of Barbari Party Pakistan is combating for the National Assembly seat NA-246 in the area of Lyari against Bilawal. He is also contesting against almost all the big party leaders—Nawaz Sharif—president of Pakistan Muslim League and Imran Khan—the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Jawad aspires to bring equality between the poor and rich of the society.

  • Sajid Hassan

The renowned actor is contesting for the seat NA-256 including the area of North Nazimabad and other surrounding areas. He said that associating oneself to a political party and to contest for a national assembly seat is essential for expressing thoughts on a platform where all the issues of national level are addressed.

The artist added that he has faced criticism for joining PPP. He explained that he considers PPP the most developing political party of the nation.

Sajid commented that when stars like Ronald Reagan could be a president of the United States and the Bollywood celebrities could run for the office then why can’t the same be done by the Pakistani celebrities. He added that PPP has taken a good initiative regarding the introduction of artists in mainstream politics.

  • Ayub Khoso

He is contesting for the seat of PS-101, which majorly includes the areas of Abul Hassan Isphanai Road and Gulistan-e-Johar.

He told the local media that he finds PPP as the most ideologically mature party and that is why he took the decision to join the party a few years back as the party’s information secretary.

As per Ayub Khoso, the MPAs and MNAs needs to provide solutions on bigger matters, like the issue linked to water, education, environment and health rather than aiming for the local issues which is to taken care of by the local government.

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